The Veil of Saint Veronica

Никола де Платтмонтань
Nicolas de Plattemontagne after Philippe de Champaigne French, 1631 - 1706 The Veil of Saint Veronica, engraving on laid paper sheet (trimmed within plate mark): 45.5 x 35.3 cm (17 15/16 x 13 7/8 in.)

Dragonfly, Ladybirds, and Butterflies

Вацлав Холлар
Wenceslaus Hollar Bohemian, 1607 - 1677 Dragonfly, Ladybirds, and Butterflies, etching

Conversation under the Statue, Luxembourg Gardens

Джеймс Макнейл Уистлер
James McNeill Whistler American, 1834 - 1903 Conversation under the Statue, Luxembourg Gardens, 1893 lithograph

Two Studies for a Holy Family

Artist/Maker(s): Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola) (Italian, 1503 - 1540) Culture: Italian Place(s): Italy (Place created) Date: 1526 Medium: Pen and brown ink, brush with brown wash, over red chalk, heightened with white gouache incised line separating the two studies at the center of the sheet Dimensions: 14.9 cm (5 7/8 in.) Markings: Markings: The marks of the following collectors appear either on the recto of the sheet or on the front of the old (Jonathan Richardson, Sr.) mat Jonathan Richardson (L. 2184) lower left corner William Esdaile (L. 2617, a monogram in brown ink) on the mat, just below the lower right corner of the gilt edging to the drawing Benjamin West (L. 419, a dry stamp) in the lower right corner John Barnard (L. 1419, a monogram in brown ink) on the mat, in the lower right corner of the border. On the other side of the mat, the mark of John Barnard is repeated. Marked in the center, in graphite, the collection mark J.Th.” (L. 1544), i.e. Jonathan Thane and the collection mark of Charles Sackville Bale (L. 640). Inscriptions: Secondary Inscription: Inscribed on the back side of the mat at the upper right, in brown ink, by John Barnard, “No:720/6 by 5 1/4” inscribed in the center, in graphite, in an unknown, late 19th-century hand, “from the collections of / Richardson / Benjamin West / John Barnard / W. Esdaile / Ch. S. Bale / Parmigianino” also, the notes “Fairfax Murray Coll.” “25.” “cat. no. 106

Cottages in Winter

Эжен-Станислас-Александр Блери
Eugène Bléry French, 1805 - 1887 Cottages in Winter, 1840 etching with drypoint and roulette on chine collé plate: 29.4 x 20.8 cm (11 9/16 x 8 3/16 in.) sheet: 44.5 x 31.5 cm (17 1/2 x 12 3/8 in.)

Bust of an Old Woman in a Furred Cloak and Heavy Headdress

Rembrandt van Rijn and Studio of Rembrandt van Rijn Dutch, 1606 - 1669 Bust of an Old Woman in a Furred Cloak and Heavy Headdress, 1631 etching

Ernst Josephson

Луиза Катерина Бреслау
Artist: Louise Catherine Breslau (1856–1927) Alternative names: Maria Luise Katharina Breslau German-Swiss painter Work location: Paris Depicted people: Ernst Josephson Title: Ernst Josephson, 1851-1906 Object type: Painting Description: Despite the exceedingly informal style, Louise Breslau’s portrait of Ernst Josephson nevertheless resembles a role portrait. With his hat and carelessly tied cravat and the spirit glass standing in front of him, he appears to epitomise the Paris bohemian. The portrait is dated 1886 and may have been executed during a visit to the Swedish artist colleague Allan Österlind, who also lived in France and was a friend of Louise Breslau. Date: 1886 Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: Height: 81.2 cm (32 in). Width: 65.5 cm (25.8 in). Framed: Height: 94.5 cm (37.2 in). Width: 79 cm (31.1 in). Depth: 5 cm (2 in). Gripsholm Castle Inscriptions (Swedish): Signerad: L. C. Breslau 1886

Bathseba in the Bath Receiving the Letter from King David

Хендрик ван Бален (I)
Artist: Hendrick van Balen the Elder (1573–1632) Alternative names: Hendrik van Baelen, Hendrik van Balen, Hendrik van Bael, Hendrik van Bale Flemish painter and draughtsman Work location: Antwerp (1592-1603), Venice (....-1602), Rome (....-1602), Antwerp (1613-1632) Workshop of Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568–1625) Alternative names: Jan Brueghel the Elder, Jan Bruegel (I), Velvet Brueghel Flemish painter, draughtsman and printmaker Work period: from 1578 until 1625 Work location: Antwerp (1578), Italy (1589–1596), Naples (1590), Rome (1592–1594), Milan (1595–1596), Antwerp (1596–1625), Prague (1604), Brussels (1606–1613), Northern Netherlands (1613) Title: Bathseba in the Bath Receiving the Letter from King David Date: Unknown date Medium: OIl on wood Dimensions: Height: 49 cm (19.3 in). Width: 63 cm (24.8 in). Framed: Height: 63 cm (24.8 in). Width: 77 cm (30.3 in). Depth: 5 cm (2 in).

Coquelin Cadet

Андерс Леонард Цорн
Artist: Anders Zorn (1860–1920) Alternative names: Anders Leonard Zorn Swedish painter Title: Coquelin Cadet Object type: Painting Description: In 1889, Anders Zorn and his wife Emma rented a flat with a studio in Montmartre – which became their permanent address for eight years. Zorn quickly established himself in Paris, largely thanks to personal contacts in the Parisian cultural elite, including the actor Coquelin Cadet (1848–1909). Cadet was famous mainly for his monologues. He was also an avid art collector. Zorn portrayed him in his professional role – on stage before an audience. The sculpture in the background can be seen as a reference to his interest in art. Date: 1889 Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: Height: 116.5 cm (45.9 in). Width: 81.5 cm (32.1 in). Framed: Height: 133 cm (52.4 in). Width: 94 cm (37 in). Depth: 8 cm (3.1 in). Inscriptions (Swedish): Signerad: Zorn 1889

Cardinal de Polignac

Франсуа Шеро (I)
François Chereau I after Hyacinthe Rigaud French, 1680 - 1729 Cardinal de Polignac, 1729 engraving