The West Front, Amiens

Джозеф Пеннелл
Joseph Pennell American, 1857 - 1926 The West Front, Amiens, 1907 etching

Ornamented Vase

Пол Флиндт (II)
Paul Flindt II German, active 1601 - 1618 Ornamented Vase, stipple etching

Au Café d'Aguesseau (1)

Оноре Домье
Honoré Daumier French, 1808 - 1879 Au Café d'Aguesseau, 1846 lithograph

Saint Leonard

Альбрехт Дюрер
Albrecht Dürer German, 1471 - 1528 Saint Leonard, c. 1500 woodcut

Galloping Horsemen, in or before 1647

Стефано делла Белла
Stefano Della Bella Italian, 1610 - 1664 Galloping Horsemen, in or before 1647 etching

Still Life with Statuette

Поль Сезанн
Artist: Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) French painter and engraver Work location: Paris, Auvers-sur-Oise, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille Title: Still Life with Plaster Cupid English: Still Life with Statuette Object type: Painting Description: On a table, next to some fruit, is a statuette. But the painting does not give many clues as to the surrounding room – a fireplace is vaguely suggested in the background, along with a window to the left. It is executed with light brush strokes and thin oil paint – in a style that resembles watercolour. In several places the pale primed canvas is visible through the paint. The statuette on the table is a plaster replica of a 17th century statue. The replica belonged to the artist and appears in several of his drawings and paintings. Date: 1890s Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: Height: 63 cm (24.8 in). Width: 81 cm (31.9 in). Framed: Height: 82 cm (32.3 in). Width: 99 cm (39 in). Depth: 7 cm (2.8 in).

Kitchen Scene

Уильям Йозеф Лаки
Description (auto translated): Interior of a kitchen in the middle is a young woman with a basket to pluck a partridge. Right comes running a cook with a tray of fish. Left is playing a child in a chair with a dog. Right for a copper kettle with different kinds of vegetables and a broken jar. Right a fireplace, above which hangs a painting. Against the back wall a shelf with plates and pitchers. Left at the open window a brass milk churn and other household goods. From the ceiling hangs a wreath with wild partridge. c. 1760 - c. 1771 medium: H 62.5 cm x W 53 cm


Пьер Пюви де Шаванн
Pierre Puvis de Chavannes French, 1824 - 1898 Normandie, lithograph in brown

Officers and other Marksmen of the V District in Amsterdam Led by Captain Cornelis de Graeff and Lieutenant Hendrick Lauwrensz (Arquebusiers' Civic Guard Company)

Якоб Адрианс Баккер
Description (auto translated): Archer piece with the officers and men of Company Arquebusiers Captain Cornelis de Graeff and Lieutenant Hendrick Lauwrensz, Amsterdam, 1642. Group portrait of shooters Kloveniersdoelen. Portrayed further Joachim Jansz Scheepmaker (Ensign), Teunis Jansen Fish and Jan Gerritsz of Leo Aerden (sergeants), Marten Canter, Hans van der Elst, Warnar Wiggertzen Adam Gerritzen, Hendrick Janzen, Hendrick Rijckzen, Elias de Haes, Cornelis Cornelissen Karseboom , Barent of Bruyninckwinckel, William Janzen of Middelum, hendrick Pauwels, Jan Parys Gerritzen, Gerrit Brauningh Koeckebacker, Aertzen Hendrick de Keyzer, Jan Jacobsz Lantsman, William Janzen Buys, Jan Evertzen van Heerden and Jan Evertzen Mattys. 1642 H 367 cm x W 511 cm x H 386 cm x W 520 cm

The Rich Man and Poor Lazarus

Якопо Бассано
Description (auto translated): The rich man and Lazarus. The story is depicted in a kitchen where food is prepared. Right the beggar Lazarus being attacked by dogs. Behind the rich man at the table where musicians play. The kitchen overlooks a monkey to how a chicken is plucked in the middle does a woman with a mortar. In the foreground are fish, eggs and vegetables. The painting is akin to a picture of John Sadeler I, after a painting by Bassano. 1544 - 1700 medium: H 99.5 cm x 128.5 cm w