So Considerate

Чарльз Сэмюэл Кини
Date: 1845–91 Medium: Pen, brush, and brown ink with touches of white gouache Dimensions: Overall: 4 7/16 x 7in. (11.3 x 17.8cm) Classification: Drawings



Red shouldered stick insect, Tropidoderus rhodomus

Артур Бартоломью
1881 Height: 390 mm (15.35 in). Width: 290 mm (11.42 in) Image

Still Life with Roses and Fruits

Константин Коровин

Джозеф Этьен Блерзи


Americans in Paris

Гай Пене дю Буа
1927. Oil on canvas, 28 3/4 x 36 3/8 (73 x 92.4 cm). Given anonymously

The so-called Little Executioner

Принц Руперт из Пфальца, Принц Руперт из Рейна
Undated Height: 131 mm (5.16 in). Width: 161.6 mm (6.36 in) Mezzotint Schabkunstblatt

Design for the Exterior Façade of the Country House of Monsieur Blaney, Belleville (recto); Design for façade (verso)

Неизвестный художник
Date: 18th century Medium: Pen and brown ink, watercolor; Scale in pieds at bottom Dimensions: 13 9/16 x 17 1/8 in. (34.4 x 43.5 cm) Classification: Drawings
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