Peasant Woman Digging

Камиль Писсарро

Courtly Odes, Beginning with Wild Geese

Ма Хежи
Calligrapher: Emperor Gaozong (Chinese, 1107–1187, r. 1127–1162) Calligrapher: Emperor Gaozong (Chinese, 1107–1187, r. 1127–1162) Period: Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279) Date: 12th century Culture: China

Postcard with Two Peasants Digging

Винсент Ван Гог
Vincent van Gogh Dutch, 1853 - 1890 Postcard with Two Peasants Digging, 1885 pen and brown ink on a postcard overall: 9.1 x 13.8 cm (3 9/16 x 5 7/16 in.)

The Annunciation

Неизвестный художник
Circa 1470 - 1500 Height: 574 mm (22.6 in). Width: 472 mm (18.58 in) Painting Oil on Panel

Landscape with Millstone near a Cask (3)

Алларт ван Эвердинген
Allart van Everdingen Dutch, 1621 - 1675 Landscape with Millstone near a Cask, probably c. 1645/1656 etching with engraving

Hilly Landscape with Peasant Cottage

Корнелис ван Цвитен
Description (auto translated): Hilly Landscape with a right farmhouse nestled between trees. Before the house is a dirt road, in front resting a few passersby. 1653 medium: H 41.5 cm x W 60 cm

Cottage with Peasants playing Cards

Давид Тенирс Младший
17th century? Height: 275 mm (10.83 in). Width: 375 mm (14.76 in) Painting

Singing Peasant Family

Питер Корнелис ван Слингеландт, Питер Якобс Дуйфхуисен
Description (auto translated): Singing peasant family. Interior of a farmhouse with five people. In the center a man with a violin, behind a singing man with a can of beer, right, a working woman, right, a singing boy with a piece of paper and left a boy with a jug. Right above the fireplace variety of furniture, a dog and a cat and a plate of fish. Left a wine barrel. 1640 - 1677 medium: H 46.5 cm x W 61.5 cm
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