Woman of the Marketplace (Femme du marche)

Альфонс Легро
Alphonse Legros French, 1837 - 1911 Woman of the Marketplace (Femme du marche), etching and drypoint

Mvsica (Music)

Вирджил Солис
Virgil Solis German, 1514 - 1562 Mvsica (Music), engraving

La Traversée (The Passage) (4)

Феликс-Илер Бюхо
Félix-Hilaire Buhot French, 1847 - 1898 La Traversée (The Passage), 1879-1885 etching, drypoint, roulette, aquatint and stop-out in black on brown laid paper

Неизвестный художник (фламандская мануфактура)


Supper of the Poor (Le souper chez misere) (1)

Альфонс Легро
Alphonse Legros French, 1837 - 1911 Supper of the Poor (Le souper chez misere), etching and drypoint on green paper

La Chapelle Saint-Michel à l'Estre (The Chapel Saint-Michel at l'Estre)

Феликс-Илер Бюхо
Félix-Hilaire Buhot French, 1847 - 1898 La Chapelle Saint-Michel à l'Estre (The Chapel Saint-Michel at l'Estre), 1881 etching, drypoint and roulette on light blue-green laid paper plate: 13.9 x 27.3 cm (5 1/2 x 10 3/4 in.) overall: 24.9 x 37.3 cm (9 13/16 x 14 11/16 in.)

Б. Б. Тильт и сын


Portrait of a Venetian Family with a Manservant Serving Coffee

Пьетро Лонги
Description (auto translated): Portrait of a Venetian family with an attendant who serves coffee. Inside a green damask upholstered lounge seating three members of a family. Right, in a wood, green upholstered armchair, is the master of the house dressed in a plain jacket, shorts and a vest embroidered sleeve. He holds a porcelain cup. His wife sits opposite him to wrinkle in a yellow armchair, busy sleeve strips and secure. She is wearing a pink robe à l'anglaise brocade with a big green bow in both ears pearls of earrings and a small white cap on her head. Between her and her husband is a green and gold decorated table, which left her sewing basket and scissors. Behind the table is a servant, dressed in a green jacket, vest and pants hit. He holds a silver tray in his hands bearing a silver coffee pot, sugar bowl and sugar tongs and two porcelain coffee cups. Left on a low chair sits a man dressed in blue suit and yellow vest that gives a ring-shaped donut with a boy. The boy is wearing a white skirt and holding a toy trumpet in his left hand c. 1752 H 60.2 cm x W 48.2 cm

Portrait of David George van Lennep, Chief Merchant of the Dutch Factory at Smyrna (Izmir) and his Wife and Children

Антуан де Фавре
Description (auto translated): Central sit in the middle Anna Marie Guide Star and the paterfamilias David George on a long yellow sofa. Anne Marie wearing Turkish clothes and she has Jacob her youngest son on lap wearing a yellow dress. To her right her youngest daughter Maria Hester was standing on the couch with a flower depicted in the hand. David George is dressed western and holding two letters in his hand. Further down on the yellow couch left the couple's grandfather Justin John Guide Star with mustache and dressed in Turkish fashion. To the right of the couple, we see the governor of the children, Mr. D'Antan, leafing through a book. For him portrayed the eldest daughter Elisabeth Clara. She also contributes Turkish attire and her headdress is decorated with flowers and a feather. With her left hand she leans on a table and in her right hand she has a drawing pen. On father's feet on the Turkish carpet two daughters with intimate booths. The one in the blue dress is Cornelia Jacoba. Anna, wearing a yellow dress, puts his arm to keep her sister and together they fixed an apple. Left in the foreground stand proudly displayed the two eldest sons of David George. Left with the sword in the hand of David. Right with bow in hand and violin under his arm, George Justin named after his two grandfathers. 1769 - 1771 medium: H 172 cm x W 248 cm

Two Studies for a Holy Family

Artist/Maker(s): Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola) (Italian, 1503 - 1540) Culture: Italian Place(s): Italy (Place created) Date: 1526 Medium: Pen and brown ink, brush with brown wash, over red chalk, heightened with white gouache incised line separating the two studies at the center of the sheet Dimensions: 14.9 cm (5 7/8 in.) Markings: Markings: The marks of the following collectors appear either on the recto of the sheet or on the front of the old (Jonathan Richardson, Sr.) mat Jonathan Richardson (L. 2184) lower left corner William Esdaile (L. 2617, a monogram in brown ink) on the mat, just below the lower right corner of the gilt edging to the drawing Benjamin West (L. 419, a dry stamp) in the lower right corner John Barnard (L. 1419, a monogram in brown ink) on the mat, in the lower right corner of the border. On the other side of the mat, the mark of John Barnard is repeated. Marked in the center, in graphite, the collection mark J.Th.” (L. 1544), i.e. Jonathan Thane and the collection mark of Charles Sackville Bale (L. 640). Inscriptions: Secondary Inscription: Inscribed on the back side of the mat at the upper right, in brown ink, by John Barnard, “No:720/6 by 5 1/4” inscribed in the center, in graphite, in an unknown, late 19th-century hand, “from the collections of / Richardson / Benjamin West / John Barnard / W. Esdaile / Ch. S. Bale / Parmigianino” also, the notes “Fairfax Murray Coll.” “25.” “cat. no. 106