The Letter

Роберт Лофтин Ньюман
Undated Height: 17.5 mm (0.69 in). Width: 13.25 mm (0.52 in) Painting Oil on canvas

Saint Clare Rescuing a Child Mauled by a Wolf

Джованни ди Паоло
1453/1462 w28.1 x h20.6 cm (without frame)

Venus and Cupid

Антонио да Корреджо
18th century? Height: 495 mm (19.49 in). Width: 273 mm (10.75 in) Painting

I Was Beatin' 'is Face

Джордж Беллоуз
1914 Height: 615.95 mm (24.25 in). Width: 457.2 mm (18 in) Drawing

Jean Michel de Grilleau

Луи Токке
Probably 1740-6