Beach Scene, Trouville (2)

Эжен Луи Буден
About 1860-70

Frozen River with Skaters

Хендрик Аверкамп
1620s Diameter: 30.5 cm (12 in) Painting Oil

Saint Jerome in Penitence

Джованни Антонио Бацци, известный как “Содома”
Probably about 1535-45

The Origin of the Milky Way

Якопо Тинторетто
About 1575

Rider Attacked by a Jaguar

Эжен Делакруа
1855 Painting

Two Putti Striving for Fruits

Оноре Домье
Ca. 1845-50 Height: 1,300 mm (51.18 in). Width: 940 mm (37.01 in) Painting

Portrait of landowner A P Warfolomev

Борис Михайлович Кустодиев
1902 Height: 192 mm (7.56 in). Width: 68.5 mm (2.7 in) Painting